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“150 bags, writing case 88, 60 per cartoon pencil sets, automatic pencil sharpeners 55 yuan … …” look at this term to his son to buy stationery list, who lives in Wuhan city streets crossing the Miss Deng face frustration . Today, many simple and practical business stationery through the careful design, into a myriad of different, style novel, features many of the “toy of” stationery.

Meet the learning needs is the bounden duty of stationery, but the dazzling face of the market “alternative” stationery, we have to ask, expensive stationery to the children bring?

Student stationery is a trend of “entertainment”

Cap decorated with a variety of cartoon images of the pen, light up the pencil sharpener, can be deformed foot, with music, writing case … … in the vicinity of a primary school in Wuhan, a stationery shop, I saw several of these stationery Let’s an eye-opener, even after asking them to make sense of “mystery.”

It is understood that these “alternative,” the practicability of stationery is not strong, but in terms of form or additional functionality point of view, they all have gimmicks to attract children. This stationery, replacement very quickly, with the trend of change, the children have frequently replaced with your own stationery.

Stationery entertainment features with a gradual increase, their prices have gone up. After a brief glance at the stationery counter, both the nature of the stationery, toys, generally high price: 30 yuan general stationery, made a house, car and other shaped pencil sharpeners in more than 30 yuan, the most common student should be around 60 per bag, up to several hundred dollars higher, a vivid design, can play the rubber when the Cube actually sold more than 20 yuan.

In fact, the general price in all types of stationery stationery store is not the lack of a common pencil 0.5 yuan, 0.5 yuan a pencil sharpeners, ruler a 1 yuan, 5 yuan a writing case, pencil 2 yuan 1. However, these affordable stationery rarely attract the buyers. Sales staff told reporters, feature many, look pretty good in the high-end stationery not only sales, and profits high, businesses are willing to sell such stationery.

“Alternative” more harm stationery

Wuhan stationery counter in a mall before, is the third grade of Zhao head up to the mother, Ms. Lee said: “I have a student can play chess, there is also a small Games The writing case, I want to buy one! “” Buy it, the stationery is expensive; not to buy, the children did not feel that students in the face, do not concentrate on their studies. “Although too anxious, but the face of his son’s plea, Ms. Lee took out hundreds of dollars or a high price to buy stationery.

Increasingly popular high-end stationery to face the wind, as many parents and Ms. Lee into a dilemma, one side is looking forward to the eyes of children, one side is the increasingly heavy financial burden. “Other children have, if he is not, certainly will have inferiority complex, learning and growth are negative, as long as the requirements are not particularly excessive, parents are generally satisfied.” Ms. Li said.

However, these stationery is true, as parents, as expected, allow children to feel at ease to learn it? Wuhan Yucai school teachers Liqin Yu said that the child has a playful nature, easily attract fancy things, self-control is relatively poor, such school stationery for students desertion, each class comparisons of the “culprit.”

In addition, the reporter interviewed also found that a lot of lollipops, hamburgers look like rubber, the existence of a suffocating smell the aroma. In this regard, experts advise all parents in the purchase of stationery, make more from the child’s safety, health point of view, especially for young children, should avoid contact with such as stationery, so that bacteria enter the mouth, diarrhea caused disease.

To create a healthy learning environment for children

Many teachers complained that, while many schools expressly prohibit students go to school with bizarre stationery, but with little success.

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Department of Commerce: a state inspection certification of product quality, more secure and reduce the worries of rural buyers.

Small household appliances enterprises: To meet the state exempt from this standard is unreasonable, in violation of the principle of free competition, is to favor white goods business.

At the moment, the Legislative Branch facilities like the weather in Beijing feeling as cold and gloomy. Legislative Branch is the Ningbo Cixi Shi Wanbao Electric Company’s vice president, he Zhejiang north, into the Ministry of Commerce of the door, hoping to give their enterprises, “Ogilvy Ke” brand refrigerator home appliances to the countryside to find the policy involved the opportunity to reflect ” appliances to the countryside, “the proposal, the receptionist said the bidding was over, he had to leave quietly.

Home appliances in China Association, the Legislative Branch facilities met the person in charge, but after some dialogue, he is still no solution to the problem. In the end, he reluctantly returned to Zhejiang.

2007 12 late Shi Li suddenly informed that the Ministry of Commerce Division Ministry of Finance jointly launched the “home appliances to the countryside” project, will be in Henan, Shandong and Sichuan provinces on the purchase of the specified brand models of color TV, refrigerator, freezer, and mobile phones for 13 % of financial subsidies. But this time the bidding is over, “Ogilvy Ke” not had time to participate in the bidding. List of successful companies, including refrigerators Haier, Hisense, Aucma, a new fly, Meiling and other famous brands.

Standard-setting: inviting small business participation in the discussion

Be rated as a “foreign unprecedented” government subsidies works, “home appliances to the countryside” project put on from the very careful, including the Ministry of Commerce of the subsidies high standards for household appliances. These requirements also caused controversy in the industry.

According to report, the introduction of the standard tendering process generally: First organized by the Ministry of Commerce, industry experts developed the draft standard, and then by the Chinese appliance associations to discuss and revise related companies, after repeated discussions and several rounds of changes, ultimately determined by the Department of Commerce standards.

The refrigerator, for example, the standard of this one of the organizers to discuss the Secretary-General Jiang Feng of China Household Electrical Appliances Association, told reporters: being invited to participate in the standard discussion of as many as a dozen consumer electronics companies, Haier, Hisense, the more Meiling Large manufacturers naturally invited to take part, but also no shortage of smaller enterprises, “more representative of domestic companies were invited, and should be said that the scope is quite broad.”

According to a successful business

say, not winning the majority of enterprises are unknowingly missed.

“We have repeatedly engaged in discussions on product standards tender, but also very positive, for access to the initiative.” A successful business person in charge told reporters.

Standard game: the threshold where the benefit in the enterprise?

Standard seminar to discuss the issue of a wide range of interests in various businesses out of their own aspirations, but also have different suggestions. “National exemption product requirements of this request is the Ministry of Commerce, their demands have been relatively high, but also the business requirements within the limited brand in China.” Jiang Feng said, but the proposal was not accepted by the Ministry of Commerce, because “to consider to this restriction is too severe, and the number of products to bid too little. “

“Beginning of the standards set by the Ministry of Commerce have some unreasonable, such as the production company asked the refrigerator 800 million, which is obviously unreasonable, because, according to this standard, almost no company can meet.” The participation of responsible business seminar told reporters after the company pointed out that various finally canceled after this one, and no longer limit the capacity of enterprises.

In fact, the more the discussion focused on products in the bid to set targets on various parameters. “For example, set some targets not be justified, proposed amendments to, or need to set some targets should have but did not expect, companies also proposed to add.

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