Instead of trying to be a lucky man, try to become a worthy man. (Albert Einstein)

To completely understand the meaning of this sentence we have to comprehend what is the difference between a lucky and worthy man. Most of us can get lucky – we could win in a lottery, for instance. Others can make an outstanding career in their business. One can even get lucky by stealing something and not getting caught. The definition of getting lucky often corresponds to making oneself happy. What about a worthy man? Does it also refer to getting lucky or is it something else? I believe getting lucky here is of the least importance. The word “worthy” implies being greater than just one’s ambitions and wealth. The word “worthy” means having some worth, merit and value. It means being honourable and admirable. Worthy men usually bring up some value and make others happy – they are selfless and their worth is greater than the ones striving to get lucky at something.

Barack Obama is so nice, young and even sun-burnt. (S. Berlusconi)

I am simply speechless about this stupid saying. Maybe mister Berlusconi was drunk or was talking about another man? Maybe it was supposed to be some kind of humour, which wasn’t recognized as that. Well, we can only guess now, but somehow, I believe that it could actually be truth. If that was the case, I would simply pity the Italian nation and their leader. There is a fine quote about being silent, and it could actually fit the situation. It goes like this: “missed the chance to stay silent”.

The ones, who know how to wait, usually get what they wish in time. (O. de Balzac)

This interesting and witty quote can be best described by one simple example. There was an experiment being performed with several school children. They were brought into a room where they had to sit on a chair in front of a table with a deliciously looking cookie on it. They were told that if they would refrain from eating a cookie for a particular length of time, they would not only be allowed to eat it after all, but would also get another cookie. After this simple instructions they were left all alone in the room with a cookie in front of them. The hidden camera was filming all they did. It was interesting to watch how some of them struggled with the desire to eat the cookie, but sustained it, thus completed the task, while others were less persistent and ate it after several minutes. How did the first children manage to resist the temptation? It appears, their were simply forcing themselves to think about something else or their reward, and this way they were able to wait until the end. The less persistent ones did not bother about the reward – they just simply looked at what was in front of them and ate it. This is the best description for the motivational quote by O. de Balzac.

I have been quite inspired by the motivational quotes of A. Einstein or witty sayings of A. de Saint Exupery. You will definitely enjoy reading their quotes about life and funny life quotes.

Cate Blanchett is an Australian actress that has achieved many accolades throughout her career. She has taken home a number of awards, including three Golden Globe Awards, three Screen Actors Guild Awards and three BAFTA Awards. Most recently, the pretty actress won the award for her work in “Blue Jasmine” at the Oscars 2014.

Following are 15 famous quotes from Cate Blanchett.

“Actresses can get outrageously precious about the way they look. That’s not what life’s about. If you starve yourself to the point where your brain cells shrivel, you will never do good work. And if you’re overly conscious of your arms flapping in the wind, how can you look the other actor in the eye to respond to them?”

“You know you’ve made it when you’ve been moulded in miniature plastic. But you know what children do with Barbie dolls – it’s a bit scary, actually.”

“If I had my way, if I was lucky enough, if I could be on the brink my entire life – that great sense of expectation and excitement without the disappointment – that would be the perfect state.”

“I don’t consciously think of how parenthood has changed me but I’m sure it must have.”

“If you know you are going to fail, then fail gloriously.”

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“It’s important to travel and move and have a continual set of experiences so you’ve got more to feed back into your work, … For me, it’s a natural thing.”

“Someone might have a germ of talent, but 90 percent of it is discipline and how you practice it, what you do with it. … Instinct won’t carry you through the entire journey. It’s what you do in the moments between inspiration.”

“I don`t have a sense of entitlement or that I deserve this. You`d be surprised at the lack of competition between nominees – I think a lot of it`s imposed from the outside. Can I have my champagne now?”

“I love strange choices. I’m always interested in people who depart from what is expected of them and go into new territory.”

“Look, it’s one of the great mysteries of the world, I cannot answer that question. I think I’m vaguely blonde. To be perfectly frank, I don’t know.”

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“When you’re directing something, you absolutely have to be involved in all layers of the process.”

“I had never done anything with blue screen before, or prosthetics, or anything like that. Lord of the Rings was like stepping into a videogame for me. It was another world completely. But, to be honest, I basically did it so that I could have the ears. I thought they would really work with my bare head.”

“The more you do it, the more you learn to concentrate, as a child does, incredibly intensively and then you sort of have to relax. I remember the first film I did, the lead actor would in between scenes be reading a newspaper or sleeping and I`d think, ‘How can you do that?’”

“I think that’s what I love about my life. There’s no maniacal master plan. It’s just unfolding before me.”

“You can’t be trying to make a film that pleases all people, you know, so it’s not a concern of mine.”

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I graduated from Birmingham University. Currently, I am living with my family in the West Midlands of England and working for a media company. My hobby is writing about current affairs, celebrities and fashion.

Former US secretary of state Hillary Clinton, who is seen as a frontrunner for the 2016 US presidential election, is one of the most powerful political women in the country. She is well known not just in the field of diplomacy but her broader vision for the US as a catalyst for turning idealism into action.

Following are top 20 famous quotes from Hillary Clinton.

“In almost every profession – whether it’s law or journalism, finance or medicine or academia or running a small business – people rely on confidential communications to do their jobs. We count on the space of trust that confidentiality provides. When someone breaches that trust, we are all worse off for it.”

“All of us have to recognize that we owe our children more than we have been giving them.”

“I am someone who hopes for the best and prepares for the worst.”

“Life is too short, time is too precious, and the stakes are too high to dwell on what might have been.”

“Let’s not leave an educational vacuum to be filled by religious extremists who go to families who have no other option and offer meals, housing and some form of education. If we are going to combat extremism then we must educate those very same children.”

“I’m one of those people who thinks that changing one’s hair is the only part of the body that you can change at will.”

“A lot of it is not the headline stuff. It’s the slow and steady progress that I think provides a much firmer footing for us.”

“Always aim high, work hard, and care deeply about what you believe in. And, when you stumble, keep faith. And, when you’re knocked down, get right back up and never listen to anyone who says you can’t or shouldn’t go on.”

“Probably my worst quality is that I get very passionate about what I think is right.”

“I believe that the rights of women and girls is the unfinished business of the 21st century.”

“We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.”

“We should remember that just as a positive outlook on life can promote good health, so can everyday acts of kindness.”

“You show people what you’re willing to fight for when you fight your friends.”

“Whether I am meant to or not, I challenge assumptions about women. I do make some people uncomfortable, which I’m well aware of, but that’s just part of coming to grips with what I believe is still one of the most important pieces of unfinished business in human history — empowering women to be able to stand up for themselves.”

“Marriage has got historic, religious and moral content that goes back to the beginning of time, and I think a marriage is as a marriage always has been, between a man and a woman.”

“Sometimes I get very upset and angry if I think that people are doing things that are stupid, or put other people at risk, or are breaking agreements.”

“My wish for the new millennium is for all children… to grow up wiser, and stronger and more prosperous for the future than ever before.”

“Showing up is not all of life – but it counts for a lot.”

“To me it’s a failure every time we keep a child in foster care for that child’s entire life. You know, there should be a decision made to either re-unite a child by helping a family get back on its feet and take care of its children or we should remove the child and try to find a good loving home with the foster care system but much more importantly, trying to find a permanent home.”

“If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.”

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I graduated from Birmingham University. Currently, I am living with my family in the West Midlands of England and working for a media company. My hobby is writing about current affairs, celebrities and fashion.

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