Die Lunikoff Verschwörung - Ebola im Jobcenter (Promo)

Und? Schon beim Anblick des Covers den Äuglein nicht getraut oder gar vom Stuhl gefallen? Dann schnell wieder aufgerappelt und Lauscher auf gemacht, denn die neue Scheibe von Luni und seiner.


Grandpa pranks Pickleboy into believing he’s contracted the Ebola virus after a chance meeting with a fan from West Africa.. THE CARAMEL ONION PRANK …
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30 Responses to Die Lunikoff Verschwörung – Ebola im Jobcenter (Promo)

  • Volksmusik RAC says:
  • wotansbengel says:

    Naja, hatten schon bessere CD’s
    Werden alle “weicher” .

  • dubidam09 says:

    Lunikoff ist nicht Landser! Eigentlich Schade!

  • Falko Ebert says:

    Na endlich hör ich mal was vom meinem Kameraden! Gruss aus Merseburg Bis
    bald Luni!!!

  • malfmer says:

    alter ihr undankbaren Fotzen!!!!!! dann hört euch irgend ne hatecore
    scheiße an aber lasst es sein schlecht über den BESTEN der besten zu
    reden!!! Euer behindertes Gelaber geht mir so auf die Nüsse….

  • Preußens Sohn says:

    Unglaublich schlecht und primitiv, Schulhof-CD 1-4 Klasse. Fällt mir schwer
    den Rotz bis zum Schluss zu hören.

  • Gigi ist zurück says:

    Naja Gigi ist 1000 mal besser, von Stimme bis zu den Texten!! Die alten
    Scheiben waren besser von Luni!!!

  • derhace says:

    ja gekauft wirt sie bestimmt….aber die Mediokratie von gigi finde ich

  • Matthias Stuetzel says:

    Omg, sag ich mal nix zu.. kauft man nur fuers Regal

  • Daniel Wendleder says:

    Lunikoff wird von Album zu Album schlechter!!

  • Robert Horn says:

    Luni, weiter so !

  • MEIN KAMPF says:



  • Robert Horn says:

    Album kaufen, richtig hören. dann werden einige ihre kommentare löschen

  • TheAngryGrandpaShow says:

    As always, thank you guys so much for all the likes, shares, the support..
    You guys are amazing. I sometimes fall for some stupid pranks, but I’ve got
    to give it to dad, this one tricked me.. There’s one thing I don’t mess
    around with, and that’s dying.. I just tend to avoid the subject, so when
    it comes up, I HATE it. Lmao, nicely done dad.. And thanks again to all of
    you for sticking with us for so long ~ Pickleboy

  • FloridaMods @Quit says:

    Now that’s a GUT! Holy shit, looks like he’s pregnant.

  • MuffinDodge says:


  • TheAngryGrandpaShow says:
  • Misty parrales says:

    One question…
    How did he make the blood look so realistic and stuff? That was pretty
    good! 😀 nice!! *clicks the subscribe button* I’m in it for the lawlz! Aha!

  • doctypehtml says:

    I mean, this is clearly fake. It is still entertaining, but I mean come on.

  • Riley Fisher says:

    why hasnt he died yet?He puked so much blood, he would be as pale as a
    piece of paper

  • Aidan Jackson says:

    oh god Bridgette is so hot

  • mullz1 says:

    why is grandpas belly so big and the rest of his body so skinny ?

  • TheDropix101 says:

    So grandpa,

    Whens the baby due?

  • hagyrants says:

    completely fake. everything on this channel is fake. maybe if i was a 12
    year old i would buy into this fake garbage

  • VideoGames says:

    Its kinds ironic how fnaf was released when ebola was spreading 

  • John Connor says:

    As funny as this is…it is also very insensitive to the tens of thousands
    that died from this horrible disease. 

  • Timothy Wagner says:

    what doesnt make sense to me is if Grandpa really was this way why is
    Micheal throwing a pussy fit when its happening in front of him?

  • Jalyn Nickelberry says:

    Is the blood real or fake

  • Brianna Perkins says:

    I shouldn’t have watch this good I feel sick now god Ebola that not funny
    people died from that god 

  • Flashesis says:

    Look at all that fake blood he wasted. Kids in Africa could have drunken


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