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41 Responses to Ebola Is A Scripted Disaster

  • Craig Anderson says:

    Is this the real reason for the fema camps and coffins…Did someone know
    this shit was going to hit the fan. God bless you America.

  • John Ullman says:

    An American scientist in 2006 called for using Ebola to exterminate 90% of
    the Earth’s population.(Pianka). Calls for the death of humanity. New
    World Order agenda: 7-9 Billion down to 1 Billion! Black, white, yellow,
    democrat, republican. We will all be part of this False Flag!,
    Manufactured “EVENT” For lawless, fraudulent President Obama to initiate a
    medical emergency Martial Law and rule as a Dictator! F.E.M.A. has 36,000
    Gillotines stored. Will the gillotines be used for Americans that disagree
    with Obama’s policies or for Americans that have Ebola? U.S. Government
    C.D.C, N.I.H. and Bill Gates own patents on existing Ebola and related
    vaccinations. Mandentory vaccinations are near. C.D.C. Ebola patents
    could earn Billions from a pandemic. The C.D.C., Department of Defense is
    in the middle of it all. White House and C.D.C. hold patent on Ebola and
    it’s treatment. Money, profits, greed. A manufactured “EVENT” for
    profits, control. To take more of our freedoms away and more power to
    Federal Agencies, Executive Control for Criminal President Obama.

  • Sue W says:

    Thay will bring Marshal law In then give you all a vaxine for Ebola whitch
    Is ebola BUT It wont come on for at least a year to make sure the whole
    world has It allmost,Its probberbly a toxin of some sort .By doing this
    thay wont have to get the guns In just pick them up.The red cross gave
    Afican people Ebola to be ussed to scare us In to being vaxinated ,soon you
    dummys will all be begging for the death jab,thay won.

  • Marira says:

    What real evidence is there that this illness is caused by a virus? It
    could very well be that chemicals are being used to make it look that way.
    Yes the symptoms sound awful, but there is no real evidence that we have
    access to, that a virus is causing them.

  • harKazoid86's N64 Hub says:

    Here’s my thoughts… on everything Ebola.

    It’s because of these BioSafetyLevel-2 precautions are why a lot of
    transmission has occured in Africa (mouth masks, gloves, goggles and gown).
    The frontline workers now seem to have BSL-3 protection (no exposed skin
    and respirators like P100 etc) but NO-ONE is using BSL-4 precautions
    (single-piece “space suits” with own air supply) which is the ONLY way to
    stop a hot agent like Ebola from infecting more and spreading. I was
    shocked when I saw BSL-2 precautions being used in March that was one of my
    reasons why I knew it was gonna get real ugly real fast. My prediction made
    on 26th March is coming true. Ffs. It could have been stopped with the
    PROPER precautions being taken and REAL quarantine with a 50-mile radius in
    Africa then slowly “close the net” like ALL other Ebola outbreaks. But
    everyone died in previous ones before they could spread it as they were far
    from the next town or village, this is why Ebola Guinea (not Ebola Zaire)
    has had an even bigger impact. To anyone who thinks it’s Ebola Zaire, it’s
    been confirmed the current strain (I’m calling Ebola Guinea because of it’s
    location of discovery) is 97% genetically identical to the Zaire strain,
    but us humans are 98% genetically identical to bananas… get my point? Why
    is none of this ^ being mentioned anywhere?? Ebola Guinea has full airborne
    capabilities and the cold weather will make it shred the northern
    hemisphere during the winter and flu season. Ebola is stable at 4 degrees C
    (39.2 degrees F) and indefinitely stable at -70c (-94f) so will be hanging
    around in the cold for WEEKS let alone hours or days. This is probably the
    biggest reason why the outbreak needed to be stopped months ago. Plus if
    anyone gets a fever and it’s -10 outside guess what they can go “and get
    some fresh air” and cool off. People will only realize how ill they really
    are when blood begins pouring from every orifice, puke and diarrhea fills
    the bedroom floor? What’s not to say it’s all 100% fact??… 

  • Yogurt and Courage says:

    alex is part of the eugenicists, he is a part of the globalist plan. he is
    evil wicked man who will not tell you all of the truth
    including how vatican and israel are at the very top.

  • joseph lopez says:

    these fucking cooked politicians need to be killed or theyre going to kill
    all of us

  • TheDigitalWeb says:

    EBOLA – Wadsworth Ohio grade school, Valley View, sent a teacher home for
    paid 21day Ebola isolation as per a robo call yesterday from Wads.
    Superintendent Andy Hill…..The teacher was in the same bridal shop as
    Amber Vinson. WHY did it take 5 days for this teach to report this to the
    Wadsworth City School system ???!!! The school is now being scrubbed
    down. (I am one of the residents who received the call)

  • Melanie Willard says:

    Because. It has now been close to 2 months, and miracle! !! NO EBOLA. The
    same nuts that were holding ENDUUHDUHWERRRRUHHHLLL are now speculating
    about ( eyes shift wryly from side to side)
    WHY DID THEY SCARE US? WHERE DID EBOLA GO? ??!!! a bunch of silly bitches
    just ramped up the hoopla.

  • Foxworth Krowler says:

    Wait a minute…. Did Alex really say HE predicted that they could release
    a bio weapon and fake like it’s Ebola? Um no, I saw the episode when Steele
    was on and HE said that he had a source telling him that was the plan and
    then you had several videos showcasing Steele’s words as “proof.” So now
    Alex is just laying claim to the words and accomplishments of others…?

  • KidsKicksforChrist says:

    Lets just breed a Ebola Army and send them all over to have their heads cut
    off. I will be the first recruit, since this nation of shame is foreign to
    me, may as well go die for the Good Old America, so help us God. Maybe that
    is OBOLA’S great plan since his only plan in the middle east AGAIN, is
    Arming our enemies for war. SEND ME, Ebola in hand, they can have my heard,
    all the blood that goes with it. Coming home Lord..

  • David Epuras says:

    Not sure but people are talking about Colloidal Silver/Nano Silver.
    Colloidal/Nano Silver is suppose to kill bacteria and i think viruses
    aswell. Well people say that this can be the cure to Ebola but i’m not sure
    about that. People who think that this might be the cure for it just say
    yes or something, people who say no says no or other things.

  • Nephilim Stench says:

    My God!. There are so many trolls on this thread. The Elite know what they
    are doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • FoamyShowme says:

    There are no cases of ebola in the United States. The Last person was just
    cleared and no one has it.

  • horsefaceemily says:

    Thay will bring Marshal law In then give you all a vaxine for Ebola whitch
    Is ebola BUT It wont come on for at least a year to make sure the whole
    world has It allmost,Its probberbly a toxin of some sort .By doing this
    thay wont have to get the guns In just pick them up.The red cross gave
    Afican people Ebola to be ussed to scare us In to being vaxinated ,soon you
    dummys will all be begging for the death jab,thay won.

  • Swagga On A Hunnad says:

    Good. It helps with overpopulation, nigga. Now. How about you help out?
    Take a shotgun, and put it to your head.

  • Rockerman pre says:

    If your looking for evil dont go around looking for some kind of alien or
    demonic Antichrist to lead the charge. Simply look at the New World Order
    or what ever there currently known as, the real threat to human kind is
    organised corporate greed.

  • Goabnb94 says:

    It s sad that drug companies care more about profits than human life. Get
    your act together

  • Amazingsleeper says:

    ebola was made by the obama administration to destract you from whats
    really going on 

  • 13 Enlightenment 13 says:

    vaccine my ass I dont trust the government for shit

  • Canadian Coyote says:

    Ebola is airborne below 7°C 

  • Indrajeet Datta says:

    I like the way they put the youtube symbol beside information. :D

  • John Smith says:

    I think we all know the cause of transmission: Batman!

  • Tom McRand says:

    hmmm poor people living where there isn’t much food. and fruitbats are
    abundant. but the guys at TED can’t figure out how the virus gets from the
    fruitbat to the human? my goodness. or are you guys too squeamish to say
    the obvious

  • Llewellyn Coetzer says:

    Everyone watch StormCloudsGathering’s video Ebola – What Your Not Being

  • Moody says:

    I thought ebola is out of the trend now since it’s not covered in the media
    anymore. Same goes with syria or ehec.

  • Syahrul Anwar says:

    i remember reading some dumbass tweeting : “what is ebola?, i thought it
    means grandma in spanish”. *facepalm*

  • SunshineInWoods says:

    I believe what you say at 0:35 is inexact. Dengue develops into Dengue
    hemhorragic fever only in a small proportion of cases. 

  • Manuel T Ortega says:


  • nanunanu365 says:

    I believe this one saying has some relevence here “An ounce of prevention
    is worth a pound of cure” I don’t know exactly where it’s from but it does
    make sense.

  • Canadian Coyote says:
  • Lorna Temperatura says:

    There’s a cure for ebola and it’s nanosilver 

  • Llewellyn Coetzer says:

    The Ebola virus can survive for sonething like 50 days on a glass surface

  • nemodot says:

    There’s a lot of interesting things on the epidemiology of ebola outbreaks,
    and the possible zoonotic link (still not proven).
    On the first hand, it looks like most of the outbreaks are not related to
    the ones before them, rather new outbursts from their natural reservoir
    (for which only bat’s been found with antigens or antobodies against the
    virus). There’s been an intensive quest since the 70’s in zaire (now
    Republic of Congo) on the natural reservoir’s host. But just reacently
    we’ve found it on some bats, but not necessarily related to a given

  • TED-Ed says:

    The highly virulent Ebola virus has seen a few major outbreaks since it
    first appeared in 1976 — with the worst epidemic occurring in 2014. How
    does the virus spread, and what exactly does it do to the body? Alex
    Gendler details what Ebola is and why it’s so hard to study.

  • Vlad MC Rambo says:

    дякую за українські субтитри)

  • Pino says:

    Very informative, thank you Ted.

  • Pombo. Aloisio says:

    Todas as nações precisão contribuir com médicos, pesquisadores e dinheiro
    para manter o Ebola sob controle. Não se trata de uma ajuda política ou
    assistencial a países pobres, mas uma questão de sobrevivência. Aloisio
    Pombo de Miranda Santos.

  • Hugo Ojendiz says:

    In my mind I’ve changed all the “Ebola” to “Zombie”, and it was fun :P

  • Immortal_Beatz says:

    Ebola comes from fruit bats. Not all people in Africa are rich so they
    resort some times to eating bush meat namely bats and the disease
    transferred to human. The reason I know this is because I have family in

  • EpicNoel says:

    I heard from friends that a boy caught, cooked then ate a fruit bat. Could
    that be the cause of transmission?


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