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Sen. Ted Cruz Discusses Ebola with Candy Crowley on CNN’s State of the Union

October 19, 2014.

33 Responses to Ebola Outbreak: What You’re NOT Being Told

  • Alex Levine says:

    I’m sure I’ll get a lot of hate for this but I feel it needs to be said.
    The only reason Ebola is now on the news and become “serious” is because
    white people are starting to get it. Which is a terrible reason the UN is
    actually starting to pull it’s finger out. It is a serious thing as you’ve
    mention, and more people will die from it. Let’s just put it in perspective
    though. The Spanish influenza, the black death, they killed millions upon
    millions. We’ve endured and survived worse than this, with fewer people on
    the planet. Granted we were much less capable of travel, but we still had
    sea faring ships crossing the globe at that point, yet now we have the
    technology to actually treat people. Unfortunately that hasn’t help the
    thousands of people who have died in Africa for the past 5 years but now
    governments see it’s spreading to white people, it’s finally forcing
    action. Which again, is terrible on their part I know. But did you really
    expect them to be any better?

  • ChillaxHD says:

    If the us has any logic then they better ban travel and (not to be a
    douche) stop treating people with Ebola put them in a quarantine zone to

  • TAEHSAEN says:

    TRD do you know StormCloudsGathering ?
    If not I highly recommend you check his channel out he gives you the blunt
    truth just like you did here.

  • Nathan San Gabriel says:

    once you get Ebola and get cured, do you become immune?

  • Skullz says:

    Fine here in the UK. No hate

  • daddycakes says:

    AIDS kills more people than ebola, far more people.

  • NexT_WorldRumble says:

    I was thinking this whole time “Damn, what game is this? These graphics are
    insane.” I feel like a dumbass lol

  • DynamicHaze says:

    it’s only contagious when symptoms show, it’s not airborne, the airborne
    strand does exist it’s patented by the us, that strand is not as deadly, it
    has a 70 to 90% death rate, only if the sneeze contains blood particles but
    it’s not airborne.

  • THE RED DRAGON says:

    Ebola – Real-Threat or Fear-Mongering? What You’re Not being told

  • Jordan Maynard says:

    I think it’s sad to see only one gamer that I know of talking about the
    important Ebola outbreak.

  • Braedan Shigley says:

    I’m not sure on what grounds you’re able to criticize the conclusions of
    someone who has been in school for twelve years studying exactly this.

    He’s saying that since someone with Ebola wouldn’t be sneezing, it’s not a

    Just like we need not ask whether you can die from a meteor falling out of
    the fucking sky.

  • Deven Clark says:

    Also keep in mind places like Liberia and Sierra Leone are mostly in
    poverty and in ruins, so they can’t keep themselves clean 

  • Garrett P says:

    Our Government is doing nothing about it. They can’t handle a massive
    outbreak. This is a fact. Hell! the only way to avoid it is to start
    stopping flights. It would be the best step in the right direction. Our
    Government is not thinking, it’s waiting for something to go terribly wrong
    and try to respond at the last minute. 

  • Sens23Bruins says:

    Yes flights should have already been banned, because there’s always gonna
    be unbelievably selfish pricks like Eric Duncan, who’ll put everyone else’s
    life in danger by lying to officials and only thinking of himself.

  • Ouroboros says:

    It sounds more like a BIO weapon… Made by man

  • urho keskitalo says:

    Ebola has been around in Africa for 40 years and with massive deaths to the
    population. Everyone in the outside world ignored it with Africa begging
    for help. Now when 1 or 2 cases has spread ebola to other countrys everone
    is freaking out and all of a sudden we have a cure in a timeline of 2
    years. Hate to say it. ..karma

  • rebjiii says:

    Ted Cruz should remain silent on topics he know nothing about……Cruz
    should listen to Shepard Smith regarding Ebola…Smith is the only one at
    Fox news with any common sense.

    Conservatives like Ted Cruz always complain the federal government is a
    pariah and should be defunded – and then they want it to be a knight in
    shining armor to cure Ebola ???

  • Dennis Deckard says:

    Every other talking point is clearly answered.

    +Pradheep Shanker

  • Papa Woody says:

    Ted Cruz… rhymes with Ted Poohs.

  • gwgn02 says:

    Get the transcript Candy!!! Get the transcript!!!! CNN hack hack hack

  • Billy Shepard says:

    She keeps protecting obongo, the dirty bitch

  • ddavel5441 says:

    Of course there is NO in-flight ban, to the USA .
    It is painfully obvious, Obama WANTS an Ebola outbreak in this country!

  • Ricky Holloway says:

    Way to go Senator Cruz. You made her eat the egg that is all over her face.

  • itumblers says:

    Ted Cruz 2016!!!!!!

  • Tim Marston says:

    End the Fed Reserve.

  • Glen Sharpe says:

    Crowley who is an Obama Hack, doesn’t realize that Obama’s Ebola experts
    are also policy hacks…lol. Great job pointing that out TC! 

  • TheTruthNothinMore says:

    Ted Cruz is the perfect puppet to bring in the North American Union for the
    elites and the political class. He has “Conservatives” and “Liberals” both
    confused. I know exactly who he is and what he is being groomed to do.

  • lonestar13tr says:


  • Heath Griffith says:

    Excellent interview! I wish every interviewer let Ted speak so much without
    interruption. Great job Candy Crowley!

  • vedicastrol says:

    Crowley is such a fat hack

  • Rich P says:

    Under Obamacare if you like your Ebola you can keep your Ebola.

  • Susann Lea says:

    It was Your home state, fool. Where is the blame on Texas???? Who screwed
    up, Teddy. Oh yeah, Obama again. Geez, get a life Ted !!!!

  • Ric Aldrich says:

    LMFAO Surgeon General Funding this bitch is an Obama lackey…The public
    will never feel that the government on top of this problem WTF does candy
    not get about this she is a fucking moron and so representative of the
    Liberal party


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