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Judge Jeanine Pirro Opening Statement – Ebola In The U.S.A. – Are Americans Safe? =========================================== **Please Click Below to SUBS…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

35 Responses to Ebola: The Full Story

  • iisdan says:

    Stop eating animals & quarantine ourselves for any symptoms of any major
    virus … But humans are too ignorant and dumb to do this so have fun with
    the next couple hundred viruses that come from the same origin 

  • War Rock says:

    Just nuke the fuck out of Africa.

  • Eve A says:

    Maybe you’ve seen that one already, but in case that you have not ….

    Ebola: The Full Story

  • Truxonisi Wenseslao says:

    I really appreciate the subtitles you put on every video you have in your
    channel, it’s very useful for non native speakers as me. My first language
    is Spanish but I also speak English in an advanced level, and your videos
    are useful for me to learn more about science and to practice my listening
    skill. Thank you so much! By the way, thanks for the information of Ebola!

  • Sumayya Zahid says:

    i feel bad for the people who actually get ebola!

  • sir zophiel says:

    I luv’d how you ended the video… the douglas adams quote from
    hitchhikers… ‘Don’t Panic’

  • DeeDee Waters says:

    Ebola: The Full Story
    The science and information about Ebola.
    #Ebola #science 

  • summ murphy says:

    You know how amazing it would be for me to actually see and study the Ebola
    Virus. I bet most people would be like “No way in hell” but wow..I’d love
    to look down at it, experiment with it. Just the thought of studying that
    virus makes me..I guess the only word I can put it is “happy” It makes my
    insides tingle at the thought that most things about viruses have not been
    discovered. For some reason I have a building curiosity for these types of
    things. I mean isn’t it fascinating that viruses are technically not alive
    and yet they cause so much destruction.

  • Kaleb Trout says:

    NO u don’t want the flu shot the flu shot doesn’t even match up to the flue
    right now so ur just injecting poison into you

  • Todd Smith says:

    I am very curious as to why this guy DISCOUNTS Richard Preston’s FIRST HAND
    EXPERIENCE in the Ebola outbreak for which he was THERE back in the 1970s.
    The organ liquification and bleeding from orifices, and such. The book “The
    Hot Zone” was not fiction, nor was it “based on actual events”~it was a
    FIRST HAND ACCOUNT of an early outbreak. To jump into this video and, first
    thing, discount Richard Preston is near blasphemous! He was THERE during an
    outbreak. He Explorer the bat caves believed to be HOT with the disease. He
    was WAY AHEAD of the rest of the world on this disease and this guy
    discounts his experience? Why? “The Hot Zone” takes no artistic liberties.
    It is NON-FICTION. Yet it is the scariest, most haunting book I’ve ever
    read! This video disappoints

  • Linus Qvint says:

    Why whould you eat a fucking bat in the first place?!

  • Higgins2001 says:

    …but the news tells me I should panic! you know, obama! big
    government! conspiracy! 

  • Corbbin Goldsmith says:

    Thumbs up if you would vote for him to be president.

  • It's Okay To Be Smart says:
  • cyrax x says:

    i will name my pet ebola if i have any one day.

  • TheFarnch says:

    The largest Ebola outbreak… pretty damn small compared to other

  • Wilik says:

    take a deep breath, trust in science, and get to work

  • The Summer Solsta says:

    It’s only thousands who have died. Not the millions and millions you think
    have died.

  • themanshere74 says:

    Very well said. What a great news program.

  • DeAnna Paris says:



  • ChingChongLingLong0h says:

    I don’t usually agree with FOX, but the talking head is right. It will cost
    more to stop ebola than to prevent a outbreak everytime it happens. Other
    countries have ban flights from infected countries.

  • diviz0r says:

    lol this is so stupid. fearmongering on a child level. lmao

  • ButIDontWantaGooglePlusPage says:

    Georgia Guidestones…near the CDC headquarters…1st inscription: maintain
    humanity under 500 million in perpetual balance with nature.

  • Psy Chic says:

    why are we bringing the Ebola infected news reporter here for “treatment”
    if there is no zmapp vaccine left supposedly??

  • Richard Munroe says:

    She has no clue what the fuck she’s talking about…A: she has no power to
    decide any of this, and at the beginning she’s saying blah blah blah HAS TO
    happen…I listened to the first few sentences and I just stopped there
    because she sickens me…I should write in to her company with a formal

  • Nora Dennis says:

    I agree 100% with what she says. Any other nation would not let anyone
    infected with the Ebola virus into their country. So why are we??? It IS
    the Presidents JOB to make sure Americans, ALL Americans regardless of race
    or sex are protected. And yet from what I’ve noticed, he doesn’t seem to
    give a rats behind if the virus infects the entire nation. I never thought
    I’d see the day when the leader of our country was so damned heartless that
    he’d allow someone who has a contagious disease into this country. You can
    bet your ass that if it was a WHITE President in office they’d be calling
    for IMPEACHMENT and removal from office. Hell, if he’d been white he
    wouldn’t have gotten away with half of what our “esteemed” leader has. And
    if that statement makes me racist, then I suppose I am. I’m against ANYONE,
    black, white, brown, or a frippin purple penguin endangering the health and
    welfare of the people of my beloved nation! 

  • wjfjr73 says:

    Dirty Third world foreign nationals….just like third world illegal
    immigrants from Mexico
    .sad stories…..I hope it kills many Americans ….thanks obamo bozo

  • Gun Slinger says:

    OMG…I love this lady!!! She is saying what the majority of the American
    people are thinking and saying, but our stupidass Govt and CDC officials
    refuse to listen and refuse to do anything.

  • Twana Palani says:

    EBOLAA OMG NOO!!!! quick someone throat fuck this bitch for bullshit.. 

  • CaptainCool07 says:

    If the government screwed ebola up we are screwed when the zombie outbreak

  • Bob Cat says:

    Well this is just a thought, but is it possible that Obama is allowing this
    to happen, as an excuse, and he has been looking for one and even promoting
    one, to declare martial law ? That would suspend elections and give him
    what he has wanted from day one, supreme power. And as long as he and his
    family are protected, does anyone really think he gives a shit about
    Americans ? Obama is a muslim and he hates us, when will we understand that
    ?Just a thought.

  • caldyn phillip says:

    private home? yeah right. more like fema camp. 

  • ares106 says:

    lol crosseyed retard buying into the Ebola hype.

  • Luke Swartz says:

    How stupid do all of the fearmongers feel now that Obama was shown to be
    correct in not banning flights from West Africa? Obama kept his cool and
    did exactly what a good leader should do by making rational decisions based
    on the facts.

  • robert h says:

    why do i love judge pirro? but she is missing the~ What if they~ fly in to
    Mexico & take a bus !
    who cares if he(duncan) lied we would all lie to live or save a loved one!
    are goverment gave him a Visa, that is the crime!


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