As the whole world is finally aware of by now, the Ebola crisis that broke out in Africa has made its way to the West in a few isolated cases. Sources: Ebola Virus Disease, Wikipedia http://en.w…
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Ebola disease protective gear for health care workers

Christopher Dunham, Director of Emergency Management at Upstate University Hospital, hosts press conference about protective clothing for health care workers who may have contact with Ebola …

24 Responses to Ebola: The Global Class Divide of a Disease

  • Mao/Lenin 2016 says:

    Society performs better when it is culled every so often

  • Derrick Wade says:

    great points. China is a capitalist nation

  • Akashic8Lamb says:

    Lets not forget that because of imperialist plunder of the 3rd world,
    desperate, poor people have been forced to go into the forest to look for
    food supply. The consumption of monkeys and bats has become a lot more
    prevalent, most people don’t have much of a choice in food because they are
    disenfranchised. When the native fauna populations that they’ve hunted for
    centuries has been decimated. The land to grow crops is being used to grow
    food and mine metals for foreigners, is there any wonder why this has

  • saddampbuh says:

    i feel sorry for those affected but there are too many africans and they
    are destroying beautiful nature and wildlife to make room for more of

  • JZ495 says:

    The ebola was created by the US for reducing the world population, they
    have the cure, but only the elite will survive, and when the whole world
    will be in chaos a world government will be created, as you can see
    Liberian president announced martial law, also why the US didn’t close
    borders and made the infected americans return? Also why did obama ordered
    american military to go in africa? Because they are going to kill the
    infected. Ebola is a codename: Eradicate Billions Of Lazy Africans

  • Hissanrach says:

    The fact that there is so much blatant racism/insane troll logic in this
    video’s comments section leads me to believe there’s a lot more
    over-privileged teens among Jason’s followers than previously thought. 

  • Jason Unruhe says:
  • gabriel bello says:

    Here in Brazil there is also a guy with Ebola,a illegal African
    immigrant,he is currently being treated in the Osvaldo Cruz Institution,the
    best public heathcare institution here and there are actually some fucking
    neo-nazist asshole parading in front of it that want to kick him out.

  • sinekonata says:

    Just a note. In this context when you speak of the 1st and 3rd worlds, you
    should speak of dominant and dominated classes. The dominant class in the
    3rd world is as much of an asshole as the dominant class in the 1st world.

  • JohnTheGreat7822 says:

    I could care less about Africa, they’re just a bunch of uncivilized disease
    ridden rats.

  • runedegard says:

    Is not the ‘ebola’ outbreak just another example of bio-terrorism carefully
    staged by the Illuminati in order to:

    launching a forced world-wide vaccination program through WHO

    generate enormous profits for vaccine suppliers (Illuminati-owned)

    supporting the about-to-collaps federal reserve dollars (Illuminati-owned)

    and ultimately launch the poisonous vaccines (already prepared in secrecy
    in USA?) soon to be craved by humans being frightened by the ongoing Ebola
    campaigns in the mass-media (Illuminati-controlled) ???

    It is claimed that – among others – drinking boiled water and taking a
    levelled tee-spoon of baking soda daily along with honey and 1000mg of
    vitamin-C (or fruits containing the same) will be effective against these
    biological attacks.

  • trev moffatt says:

    The West deserves Ebola – like the Catholic Church and the Nobility of
    Europe deserved the Black Death. Allow the poor to live in squalor, then
    sooner or later you are gonna pay the price. The Grim Reaper doesn’t
    recognize borders or class distinctions.

  • SelfLESSnessIsKey says:

    I appreciate the soundness of your mind towards, economics, race, equality,
    and respect.

  • jomommashawt says:

    WOW so africa doesn’t have the same medical care as the US? you’re so smart
    dude how did you figure it out

  • darksid007 says:

    If its a third world vs first world problem, why Cuba is the only third
    world country sending that much doctors?

    I think the answer is that Cuba is workers state, the only one in the
    present time, ordinary people seing other human being suffering, do care.
    But because of capitalists government, we can’t do anything really
    efficient. Cubans do no have to fight against their government to do that
    kind of thing because the working class own the government.

  • The Rusty Fishplate says:


  • ℰyeless ℐack says:

    I have a feeling this is going to spread quickly. It’s going to be like the

  • GiovannisSanctuary says:

    I believe Cuba is a good country overall or one of the best Hispanic
    countries around. Better than Mexico for sure. I liked how they had siestas
    between jobs also.

  • Joseph Flammens says:

    700 Million dollars came from the US to help fight this disease. . .

    Jason, do you do any reasearch on this stuff before you make accusations
    against the United States? Sure, our military is not directly treating
    ebola patients, but we’re building treatment units, keeping the disease
    contained, and training and recruiting medical personell to help fight the
    disease. To claim that the US is doing nothing or doesn’t care is simply
    incorrect. This outbreak may be a global threat, and we’re helping to fight
    it. Does it really matter why?

  • TheActorscash says:

    Looking forward to every video.. Thank you for discussing this topic

  • Robert Schafer De Vries says:

    Spot on….although, I think your first world-third world definitions are
    ‘iffy’. Cuba is really beyond the third world specification. If Liberia
    had a government like Cuba, the disease would have never gotten this far.
    But all-in-all not surprising that we sent troops and not doctors, in fact,
    it was entirely predictable. We all feel very helpless when facing ebola

  • carol addison says:

    you hit the nail Jason. lets wait some more weeks and see how fast and
    efective the health-maschine will run when ebola seriously infects the
    states and europe. Thumbs up!

  • brianFURY says:

    they suddenly found a cure from Ebola when those two white people
    contracted it.

  • Adam O'Shea says:

    Europe survived, so why can’t Africa? We should help them to help
    themselves, they should own their own future, it should not in the first
    place be in my hands, only when Africa helps itself, will Africa own its
    future. It may be true that the first world plundered them, but we do not
    owe them anything, when they can control themselves, they will have the
    might to say ‘do not take, this is our domain’; for the first world to give
    to the third world is unnatural, and would create dependency, it is like
    cheating and not knowing the game, when the game actually comes to you, you
    will be defenceless.


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