Ebola virus is a deadly, fast spreading disease which was originated from the African countries and is soon advancing towards India. An alert has been issued at India’s International airports…

Confirming the news worthiness of the current “out of control” spread of the virus in heavily populated cities in West Africa, at the end of the hearing Isaacs said, “We will see death tolls…
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21 Responses to Ebola virus alert issued at Indian airports

  • Mark M says:

    Mmmmm. Mountain Dew. *its a play on her last name*

  • LSU WINNER says:

    Proverbs 3:5 NIV

    Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own

  • ReligiousZombie says:

    Whoa, this dude’s doing infomercials now? The conspiracy stuff was silly,
    but hawking miracle products is downright pathetic. Next thing you know
    someone will leak a video of him with a transgender hooker.

  • Cyril Buss says:

    Are you retarded I did not hear him say anything negative about Drudge.

  • Infected-Salvations says:

    Who, would Hitler shake hands with first, if he came back from the dead?

  • andres garcia says:


  • Thermalzombie says:

    If all the cheesy product ads were removed this show would be a lot better.

  • pillowbugg says:

    Interesting, those damn ‘conspiracy theorists’ were right again…

    Remember, the government will classify you as a terrorist, put you on a
    watch list and perform a “sting” operation on you…if, you violate your
    freedom of speech by expressing yourself…

  • Wawatici says:

    I suggest listening to Stefan Molyneux Ebola report. Perhaps Drudge and
    Infowars and inadvertently playing into fear mongering. The quote from
    doctor would rather work in an ebola clinic than a flu clinic puts things
    into perspective.

  • John Doe says:

    had to put it in ;)

  • Lexy White says:

    Leeann Marry Me :)

  • Bradly Sweet says:

    the shot looks great. Really nice.

  • Mundane44 says:

    I’m scared now, please don’t tell the truth Drudge.

  • sweethindi says:

    Lets not panic, its air borne and when u get it its no big deal, your eyes
    and mouth is going to bleed, but dont worry. sit at home and keep watching
    the simpsons. 

  • Vega Scagnetti says:

    She is hawt

  • aChosen Won says:

    Did she get a reduction or has she been dressing down her chest recently?
    I guess all the comments finally got to her.

  • hiphopsimile101 says:

    Great job on switching up the wardrobe and dressing more appropriately. It
    shows you have respect for yourself and you want to be recognized for your
    work, not your body!

  • valmorgan says:

    I’ve seen the same reports all over the place not only Drudge, why do they
    single Drudge out specifically?

    That’s a self evident question isn’t it.

    Well, back to contemplating what is most admirable about Miss Macadoo. :)

  • Gianni Lopez says:

    The more products info wars push the more I think Alex is apart of this
    crazy shit.

  • Stefan Holm says:

    You must think a month back and ahead today

  • pox001 says:

    The AlexFearChannel! 😀 DUN DUN DUN! FearMongerWars!


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