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11 Responses to Ebola Virus ,How The Virus Spreads – Everything You Need To Know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim

  • matt smith says:

    So I say again what the hell are black Africans good for? They started
    AIDS now Ebola!!!!!

  • nabil ebraheim says:
  • Archibald Cherian says:

    Dear Friends – kindly learn – EBOLA VIRUS – How the Virus spreads –
    Everything you need to know – Dr. Nabil Ebraheim. Educational video
    describing the Ebola Virus and how it is spread. (Published on August
    13, 2014). Thank You. – Archie. 

  • Daniel P. Courvoisier says:

    that’s a very informative and educative video. Very well done. Thank you
    very much, Dr. Ebrahim. So the virus needs to go into the blood stream to
    become active. 

  • Iberius Pred says:

    There is evidence of incidents where the Ebola virus actually transmits
    through the air or what in other words is known as “droplet transmission”.
    That’s why a lot of people in Africa get contaminated in spite of “taken

    The fatality rate of the Ebola virus varies between 50% and 90% depending
    on how it mutates. The time between contraction and appearance of symptoms
    varies between 2 and 21 days.

    This is a very dangerous disease and I find this video taking it too
    lightly. The statement that the virus does *not* transmit through air is an
    outright lie.

  • floresdias says:

    Good Video! I also would like to know something else! After infecton,a
    survivor may continue with the virus inside? Do The survivor continue
    trasmiting the viruses to others?

  • ahmed taha says:

    Thank you for your impressive work 

  • Larsar Recticuli says:

    By the way Matthew Smith: they did not start the A.I.D.S. disease it was
    delveloped by the U.S government. One of many secret diseases created by
    our own spineless governement that wants to destroy all your freedoms with
    the help of many CONGRESS persons; and many businesses with many outsiders
    chipping away at its very foundations; IGNORANCE makes for a very UGLY
    person. By the eway Ebola was not started by any Negro either. It comes
    from rats, mice, bats (mainly the fruit bat) it spreads the virus through

  • Ahlem Helaoui says:
  • Jackie Hansen says:

    thank you for the info

  • Cartoon News says:

    Cartoon breakdown of Ebola


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