Illuminati Ebola Virus to Kill Millions 2015 Exposed Warning The Ebola virus which has a 50% to 90% kill rate which leave…
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  • peekay22 says:

    get ya damn vaccine

  • Angel Dunne says:

    I almost freaked out last week watching the news, an black woman from USA
    was speaking out on how black folks from Africa should be the first to get
    the vaccine, and hinted it was racist if they didn’t. I could of jumped
    through the tv screen to slap that woman. OH how nice of her to have this
    useless vaccine tested on people from Africa, made me sick her fighting for
    something so awful. Race is too often used as a weapon, I pray if that it
    isn’t used on them. I hope no one falls for this shit. 

  • aliza day says:

    Do Not Take The VACCINE.

  • Mchrell 5 says:

    the ebola virus has been around for years and I doubt you’ve know it. but
    now that it’s mainstream, now that everyone is making jokes about it we all
    of a sudden care and want to give it attention. And sure enough at least
    one of you conspiracy nut jobs are there to instantly jump on it and

  • rAdiant Jet says:

    I bet you they are going to come out and say “come and get your free ebola
    vaccine at you local Walgreens, CVS, RiteAid”. DON’T TAKE IT! I don’t trust
    the government! Plus the U.N. and the W.H.O. is involved. I hope you know
    the U.N. want population reduction. So don’t trust them!

  • Hmm says:

    interesting point about Obamacare paying for the vaccines. That way the 40%
    to 60% of the people that are on some type of government assistance will
    gladly take the experiential vaccine which will pay trillions to private
    companies and produce more sick customers for hundreds of other companies.
    Seems to be a win win except for the sheeple that are lead to the shears
    and eventually the mass grave.

  • Arman Winchester says:

    new world order doesant exist in my country tho 😛 xD

  • bongojim420 says:

    I have tarps and duct tape, I’m good. lol.
    Also I know how to stop drop and roll, duck and cover and do the hokey

  • tracehd1 says:

    *ManHeFlY…blahblahblahwoowoowoo* lmfaoooo OMG…we’re All gonna Die…but
    I’m laughing about it…haha…

    Ok..we’re all not going to die. I’m starting to think this is a vaccine
    scam…but…we still need to pay attention…Obama’s exec order July 31-
    NYC-Bio-terror…illegals crossing w/ incurable TB…all the FEMA camps
    opening…a Prison by Grants old home..empty being stocked w/ almost a 100
    employees…and that’s not the only location…they’ve made a quarantine
    map…all the supplies, bullets, med tents, military cops w/ their military
    equipment…at the end of the collapse…they need
    death…via- bio-weapon…or war…watch your back.

    *WaVes to ManHeFlY….You ROCK!!!*

  • Turn_off_TV says:

    For you simpletons out there, ask yourself this. Why all of a sudden is
    there a major increase in ebola infections? *Also, if the controlled,
    puppet media is constantly pushing something, there is an agenda.*

  • charismaswagg says:

    When Jesus returns EVERY knee shall bow ad every tongue shall confess that
    Jesus is Lord. Get to know Jesus folks before it’s too late!

    *Jesus Saves*

  • TrulyFree says:

    Wow I thought you’d be going down the wacky conspiracy theorist fear
    mongering road saying ebola will kill everyone but you made a u-turn on me.
    Bravo. Of course it’s miniscule and will just be another swine flu
    propaganda campaign to sell vaccines and pills, the experimental cure being
    a GMO tobacco slosh and vaccines made by a man that bragged about reducing
    the world population with GM Viruses. Video on my channel explaining

  • Amanda Faye Cain says:

    It’s not an airborne illness.

  • eddrum100 says:

    They’re showing a possible Ebola victim having his temperature being taken
    by someone with a jean jacket on? Sure.

  • emilliano gradillas says:

    Obama had this all planed along with alk the rich people hideing in bunkers
    Need to have a REVOLUTION KILL OBAMA

  • ojalej says:

    Growing concerns over ‘in the air’ transmission of Ebola
    By Matt McGrath
    Science reporter, BBC World Service

    The infection is thought to get into humans through close contact with
    bodily fluids
    Continue reading the main story
    Related Stories

    Fresh Ebola outbreak in Uganda
    Little chance for ebola vaccine
    Canadian scientists have shown that the deadliest form of the ebola virus
    could be transmitted by air between species.

    In experiments, they demonstrated that the virus was transmitted from pigs
    to monkeys without any direct contact between them.

    The researchers say they believe that limited airborne transmission might
    be contributing to the spread of the disease in some parts of Africa.

    They are concerned that pigs might be a natural host for the lethal

    Continue reading the main story

    Start Quote

    What we suspect is happening is large droplets – they can stay in the air,
    but not long, they don’t go far. But they can be absorbed in the airway”

    Dr Gary Kobinger
    Public Health Agency of Canada
    Ebola viruses cause fatal haemorrhagic fevers in humans and many other
    species of non human primates.

    Details of the research were published in the journal Scientific Reports.

    According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the infection gets into
    humans through close contact with the blood, secretions, organs and other
    bodily fluids from a number of species including chimpanzees, gorillas and
    forest antelope.

    The fruit bat has long been considered the natural reservoir of the
    infection. But a growing body of experimental evidence suggests that pigs,
    both wild and domestic, could be a hidden source of Ebola Zaire – the most
    deadly form of the virus.

    Now, researchers from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the country’s
    Public Health Agency have shown that pigs infected with this form of Ebola
    can pass the disease on to macaques without any direct contact between the

    In their experiments, the pigs carrying the virus were housed in pens with
    the monkeys in close proximity but separated by a wire barrier. After eight
    days, some of the macaques were showing clinical signs typical of ebola and
    were euthanised.

    One possibility is that the monkeys became infected by inhaling large
    aerosol droplets produced from the respiratory tracts of the pigs.

    Pigs could act as a host and amplify the Ebola virus
    One of the scientists involved is Dr Gary Kobinger from the National
    Microbiology Laboratory at the Public Health Agency of Canada. He told BBC
    News this was the most likely route of the infection.

    “What we suspect is happening is large droplets – they can stay in the air,
    but not long, they don’t go far,” he explained.

    “But they can be absorbed in the airway and this is how the infection
    starts, and this is what we think, because we saw a lot of evidence in the
    lungs of the non-human primates that the virus got in that way.”

    The scientists say that their findings could explain why some pig farmers
    in the Philippines had antibodies in their system for the presence of a
    different version of the infection called Ebola Reston. The farmers had not
    been involved in slaughtering the pigs and had no known contact with
    contaminated tissues.

    Dr Kobinger stresses that the transmission in the air is not similar to
    influenza or other infections. He points to the experience of most human
    outbreaks in Africa.

    “The reality is that they are contained and they remain local, if it was
    really an airborne virus like influenza is it would spread all over the
    place, and that’s not happening.”


  • clunkmess says:

    Once you go in those camps your freedom will NEVER be returned to you!

  • MindOverEverything says:

    Epic first minute, great video.

    (*Take THAT, SCG!*)

  • Redsilverj says:

    #illuminati #ebola #virus #kill #millions #2015 #Exposed #warning

  • Samara Staton says:

    Not sure how to feel about this…

  • Emily Castro says:

    How nice, a vaccine is coming out to help with this deadly
    disease………..god only knows what the hell is in it. A fake disease so
    the WHO can inject more people with crap. I will never allow anything to be
    injected into my body, especially if the government is telling me it’s a
    good idea!

  • Reveal Truth says:

    Today I read there is a ultra violet machine that cures Ebola in 2 minutes.


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