Alex Jones talks with Steve Quayle about Ebola and how he had predicted an Ebola outbreak years before.…
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While the world is preoccupied with Islamic State or political games around Ukraine, there’s another threat emerging from the West Africa – where people are …
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48 Responses to Insider Reveals: Ebola Is The Endgame

  • mcbillygoat says:

    Insider Reveals: Ebola Is The Endgame – Dem Jews have gone Jew crazy again.
    So much Ebola. Remember to hug a Jew for good luck during these Ebola
    Zionist fear merchant story onslaughts. They avoided the Black Plague. Just
    like in that Disney’s “Mary Poppins” song. “Good luck will rub off, when I
    shakes hands with you.”

  • zipfreer says:

    This is controlled opposition people an example of how people are being
    influenced mentally and emotionally …into lies,mix with truths and most
    can’t decipher one from the other and that’s first step to decoding these
    scripts.The truth is this is actually Illuminati controlled opposition !
    They need to expose this old system so people will reject it. So the
    gullible people will except the new system This was all planned for a
    specific time just as this for years by those wanting worldwide revolution!
    This beta test 1784: Adam Weishaupt issues his order for the French
    Revolution. Powers behind the World Revolutionary Movement 

  • Luke Reeves says:

    READ THE TEACHINGS OF JESUS CHRIST! He died for you so you do not have to!
    Therefore you owe it to yourself to check them out. Some people climb
    mountains for a challenge… well try being righteous for 1 day? ONLY
    through the teachings of Jesus Christ can someone claim to: “try and be
    righteous.” GOD/Christ/Holy Spirit are the only things completely
    Righteous, therefore if you want “in” to the country club of heaven you
    better make sure you can demostrate you have what it takes to make it
    through the membership application process.

  • Danger Magee says:

    HAHAHAHA Just look at Steve Quayle He looks crazy as fuck. Now If us
    Americans did infact make a bio weapon why IN THE WORLD WOULD WE USE IT ON
    OUR SELVES? We would definitely drop it on another country and save
    ourselves. Thats what America does.

  • Maxwell Smart says:

    If you make enough absurd predictions, the odds are that you will get some
    right. Zionist Jewry is capable of anything, and shills like Quaylestein
    know this.

    However, he and his fellow Zionist, Jonestein, will always point their
    fingers at the “NAZIS.” I know one thing for sure: if the Nazis were in
    charge and paying these shills, all you’d be hearing about would be the

    It’s so obvious it hurts.

  • amwaitingforrapture says:

    I urge all to read about John on Patmos and the visions of Daniel, they
    fit the happenings of today,get together and study this , in the Book of
    Revelation, the Apostle John sees the “beast,” also called the Antichrist,
    rising out of the sea having seven heads and ten horns (Revelation 13:1).
    Combining this vision with Daniel’s similar one (Daniel 7:16-24), we can
    conclude that some sort of world system will be inaugurated by the beast,
    the most powerful “horn,” who will defeat the other nine and will begin to
    wage war against Christians. The ten-nation confederacy is also seen in
    Daniel’s image of the statue in Daniel 2:41-42.
    Find a group or church that will earnestly discuss
    this subject,get in the Spirit of God and study for yourself. In all
    sincerity,its true.

  • deborah michelle says:

    For trolls and people who really want to know the truth of EBOLA
    however a new study was done and this virus has the capability to exist
    from several hours up to 50 days under the right conditions at about 4c or
    39 degrees. So items touched can harbor this virus continuing it’s spread.
    Bleach is the only known resource readily available to kill this virus on
    surface contamination. Most hospitals have stopped using bleach wipes.
    Something to think about. The new wipes used are supposedly virus killing
    but to what degree is unknown. Most people died prior to hemorrhagic onset.
    Stay safe, stay informed.

  • Daniel Mount says:

    If the American people don’t react and do something about this Government
    taking away our freedoms and killing us with Ebola Virus then we all will
    be a victim and not a patriot But a weak and scared coward nation to just
    stand by and not do anything. Are we all a weak lazy society just to not do
    anything? Go the the White House and raise Hell on the White House we need
    to do this we should be in the millions at the White House this weekend on
    Saturday and Sunday I will be there waiting for all of you. Everyone Be

  • Chrissytoyou says:

    Anyone who cannot see this Ebola crisis is being manufactured by our
    government is a total moron , we all know closing the borders would have
    stopped all of the cases so far here in the US , now not only are they
    STILL not going to stop flights from Africa , but now they are talking
    about bringing in patients from Africa to be treated here , because ?????
    Oh yeah Ebola is not spreading fast enough for their agenda so let’s bring
    a bunch more sick people here ? Insane ! Totally a murmurous plot ! 

  • moodmuzik says:

    So 2 piggies got put in a blanket? Who gives a shit, police are the most
    corrupt, felonious, liar, ego maniac, pieces of shit on this earth, there
    mostly the problem, remeber alex u made a few movie about them…police
    state ring a bell? Cops get what they give. Cant find peace in the streets,
    till my niggas get a piece fuck police.

  • Chad M says:

    too bad one of these cooks wouldn’t knock you off. You’re a fucking liar,
    fear porn, right wing scum. Mouth piece. That’s all he does is run his
    fucking mouth, get off your ass and do something about it instead of
    pushing weak minded people into unruly frenzy then you will have met your
    mandate you piece of shit, fucking cointelpro. 

  • JOOGAL1111 says:

    Insider? how the fuck is this clown an insider. Steve Quayle is a kook of
    huge proportions his predictive capability is on a par with yours Jones. Go
    to his website this clown would make David Icke blush.

  • rozz2656 says:

    Have you seen britains reports? THey make the USA look insane. Start
    getting paranoid when there’s like 100 cases. like 4 with some surviors
    isn’t bad. The only worry thing is letting them back in the USA. That’s
    stupid, especially with Ebola but you do know ebola has been around for
    YEARS and even the Athens in ancient time could’ve had it. So predicting a
    breakout of a disease that existed before 2014 isn’t that impressive.

  • looq gyitiubu says:

    People who believes this stuff are stupid….. Hey Alex! There is a
    outbreak of Ebola in your asshole! Probably a false flag too :D

  • TheCircle000 says:

    Keep fanning the flames of fear, ignorance and hysteria Alex. Because I
    know it’s much easier than actually providing accurate medical and
    scientific information.

  • Cai Irvin says:

    I would love to report for you Alex. I’ve been prepared for this my whole

  • Tim Bourgeois says:

    thanks alex,for the facts,,keep up the good info and guests….thank you

  • LIFEGUARD805 says:

    Army manual says ebola can go airborne in cold temperatures. Wow. 

  • Valerie Hammett says:

    any illegal alien tries to hurt me I will welcome his death.

  • Maggie Joseph says:

    Good video, thanks Jones.

  • Micronique ● Anime Song Ranks / Gathering Series says:

    Whoa, I thought Fukushima was the Endgame..

  • horsefaceemily says:

    Exacktly wot I thought Its not Emola things are much to sloppy,Its to
    fearmonnger people In to takeing thr vaccine of death BY LAW, I allways
    said thay were rubbing our noses In It loughtug and makeing joke`s for us
    to here ,In modern day thats medevil shit to do,no mercy for us
    Gentiles,but we will fight to the death ,then we`l proberbly take the
    fuckig Jew Juice and all be shipped off to Mars and put In catacumes for
    fresh food and soul scalping.Winston Chuichil would have said we will
    NEVER surrender,we will fight you In the hospitals the riot vans the citys
    but not In Isreal ,but we could nuk It.was I babbling there lol.

  • Pr0creation says:

    Fear Porn Fear Porn get your Fear Porn dont go out in the real world to
    fight it stay here and stock up on your systemized negligence.

  • Arjuna Proximo Litore says:

    Ebola is not a universal problem. It is an African problem. Without
    globalism, pathological altruism, and porous national borders Ebola would
    contain itself.

  • BabylonsKing says:

    My neighbor Next Door DIED from Barrack Shine’Ola …She starved to death
    basically by letting the Crooks on Wall Street along side of the Western
    Zionist Jew Banksters wipe every piece of Wealth leaving her Broke unable
    for Health Aids…She Died last Saturday..They Want You All Dead at the
    Central Bank ..Anyone here what happened at the Georgia Guide-stones

  • Solomon Kane says:

    so this is why they put the 2014 cap stone in the georgia guide stones
    this month.

  • Anoying Troll says:

    Ebola is a man made disease made by Russians

  • mrfaithandphysics says:

    Direct correlation to exactly why capitalism cannot, and will not care
    about human life. I’ll keep saying it: If it makes a buck it will happen,
    like it or not, and if it doesn’t make a buck it will never, ever happen,
    no matter how badly we need it. Even unto death. Capitalism only won over
    other forms of government because it is the biggest cheater, liar, thug,
    and con game. I’m not going to be proud of that. Nor of my country where
    so many think capitalism’s shit don’t stink. And I can’t help them see it
    any other way. It’s a taboo to question capitalism in the Independent
    States of America (yes, I said independent because you can be an upstanding
    citizen in one state, and incarcerated as a criminal in an adjoining one –
    nothing “united” about it).

  • samidone says:

    What else could come from Africa: Ebola, Obama,…

  • James Eslick says:

    Ebola is manufactured terrorism, just like Isis! It’s all being engineered
    by NWO Zionists.

  • BabylonsKing says:

    Why don’t you all just ask the prezzzzzzzzzzzzzzz hey DUDE got that cure
    for the Epidemic you all started cause it’s gettin out of hand here like
    that I.S.I.S Group you started from the EX AL-CIA-ADA group…Give me a
    break …This is a Clown Act Right?


    The way our head officials are handling this its as if they WANT an
    outbreak of this horrible disease in America. A word to the wise is
    sufficient. States like N.Y. and N.J. are exempt from this observation of

  • Yrrab nesjen says:

    Who’s fault is it that African people do not have build any schools to
    educate them selves about micro organism and hygienics ? Where are all the
    proud black Americans now ? they are there to talk about racism in our
    continents all the time but now we don’t see Jesse Jackson talk about black
    people in Africa..Where is Kanye West the Jesus of our time would have a
    solution right ? I came to the Conclusion,black Americans just don’t give a
    fuck and they supposed to know better+they have the tools to help them more
    then anyone, if they don’t care about others who are like themselves why
    should other’s who don’t do ?, for all i care close the borders for
    Africans until they figured out that there are things in your own county
    you can do to stop spreading diseases.

  • John Paxton says:

    White mans plan to destroy Africans but it will backfire !!

  • Patrick DaMao says:

    Africa can’t even contain a HIV which is not very contagious, they have no
    chance to contain a more infectious disease like Ebola. The level of
    ignorance is just too great; religions and traditions have poisoned the
    minds of many Africans and have just set them up to be susceptible to a
    disaster like this. It’s really a bad situation.

  • Erika Leon says:

    Bomb Africa and Middle East total annihilation and eradication and wahlah
    World problems solved

  • agriperma says:

    Sweet Wormwood, ( Artimesia annua, ) buy some, and keep it on hand. or grow
    your own , another herb you should also have around, is Andrographis. they
    may not “cure” the virus, but will help you build defense against it, and
    improve your chances of survival if you do get it.

  • Colin Mottershead says:

    who pays for doctors without borders.

  • Keanu Victor says:

    No international action ?? Fuck you RT, a vaccine is already under
    development in the UK, Europe and many other countries are deciding on
    humanitarian missions. Britain and France are already on the ground
    constructed aid centres. What the fuck are Russia doing ?? This is really
    the first time I’ve even seen an Ebola video on RT. The media over here
    covers it every other day. Looks like it’s you who focuses on other things.

  • Chester Finecat says:

    23:43 exponential growth is awesome. Doubling every 3 weeks: 5 thousand
    infections, 10 thou, 20 thou, 40 thou, 80 thou, 160 thou, 320 thou, 640
    thou, 1.2 million, 2.4 mil, 4.8 mil, 9.6 mil, 20 mil, 40 mil, 80 mil, 160
    mil, 320 mil, 640 mil, 1.2 billion, 2.4 bil, 4.8 bill, 9.6 billion and
    you’re done. Population of the world in 66.6 weeks or slightly less.

  • Jet PaCK says:

    Prepare to shoot zombies. 

  • D.J. Moore says:

    Better run out and get your shot now. 

  • PhiloAmericana says:

    Neither of these women can speak English properly.

  • SeekTruthinLight says:

    Have people tested before they can fly out of Africa.

    At the very least people from those Ebola infected countries should be
    tested for Ebola before they fly. But because of the ineffective
    protocol more and more Americans are being sacrificed put into a life or
    death situation, so others can have the freedom to fly without delay. WOW!
    how backwards is that, what a trade off. Those delayed would have a far
    less sacrifice, than those who would be exposed to Ebola to a asymptomatic
    carrier because of the ineffective protocol we have now regarding flight.

  • Jason Anderson says:

    Oh bull shit! These numbers being spewed out about the spread of ebola is
    bullshit. The United States has no business being there! Period! obama is
    just pissing our money away. I bet some how, some way, that money he is
    sending to africa is going to end up in the democratic election accounts
    back here in the US.

  • alotazman says:

    *George Bush Jr. once said “If the American People knew what we do here in
    government, they’d hang every last one of us. Fortunately for us, the
    American People are just stupid, ignorant sheeples. They believe what we
    tell them and they do what we tell them. The American People are just
    stupid, ignorant, sheeples*.” These are exciting times now. We are about
    to experience spectacular changes. The U.S. and worldwide, people are
    waking up. People are standing up for their rights and fighting corruption
    in their country. Look what Iceland did. They arrested the criminals in
    their government, arrested the cabal in their country and rewrote their
    constitution. We will too. The Event (Freedom Movement) will happen very
    soon and peacefully. Everything is in place and ready. Just waiting for the
    green-light. Don’t do anything crazy and start rioting. That’s not who we
    are. *The cabal is desperate and are throwing all kinds of false flags at
    us. The cabal/political elites are defeated at all fronts and will be
    completely removed/arrested very soon*. We the People, the Constitutional
    Sheriffs and the positive military needs to help kick start this Event into
    full gear. We the People are the rulers of our country and the Constitution
    is the supreme law of the land. We the People will run our country for now
    on. Congress and the Federal branches are not needed. As we have seen,
    position of power entrusted to a few, is the gateway to corruption. The
    government is a service program for the American People, not our big
    brother. Wake Up People and Be Aware!!! Spread the word!

  • Candacej330 says:

    I can certainly see this happening here in America. Where are the 3000 kids
    going to reside when their task is done in Africa? After being in such
    close proximity with the Ebola patients. Figure it out. 3000 divided by 50
    states equals 60 potential Ebola patients in every state. Sick in a city of
    thousands, it isn’t too hard to imagine the same scenario repeating itself
    here. Oh but then we will have the line up and take your vaccine campaign,

  • HeartlandRanchTV says:

    Africa always gets the short end the shit stick!!


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