CAUGHT ON CAMERA ‘He’s Not Dead’: Man Thought to Have Died From Ebola Awakes After Burial Team Wraps Him Up. SHOCK VIDEO: Man Thought To Be Dead From Ebola W…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Video Rating: 4 / 5


  • adan5098 says:

    ¿Y como sabemos que tenia ebola?, que tal si andaba de wuebon y se quedo
    dormido ahi! :o

  • Moxtox says:

    it is a trailer for the upcoming movie hollywood?


  • TranceMigrattion says:

    1:32 A man punch a child on his face! Fucking asshole!

  • ReaperGaming says:

    He’s not living or dead he’s undead

  • ƘƗℵℵ ᏰʊℛϮ says:

    He might have been “dead” and you cant persay come to “life” again unless
    it was some merical though I think it had a headless chicken effect, Like
    you know when you chop off a head of a chicken and it still runs around and
    still can move? Kinda like with bodies with the nervs system and I have
    heard some people who work on bodies you know before they get buried so you
    can say your last words in church and what not but I have heard that if you
    touch curtain nervs or something it can trigger an effect where sometimes
    the body will sit right up. (Creepy right?) Anywayz so in my thoughts he
    may have been dead and just his nervs are still working but dying. slowly.
    HEY I could be wrong you never know the impossible can happen anytime!

  • darvey evans says:

    Reading the comments makes me sick… Have some sympathy Ebola is NOT
    airborne. Just don’t have sex w one or touch one not even go near it simple
    as that.

  • Reality says:

    Frank West, photojournalist, would have covered this story if he was not
    killed by zombies

  • jappie jappo says:

    ahhh, they are like we filthy jappos.

  • rjxavi says:

    En estados unidos y londres formaron un plan de contingencia por ataques
    zombies no es chiste esta pasando algo y no me extrañaria que se desate no
    muy lejanamete alguna enfermedad que haga que la persona devore carne
    humana o animal 

  • NaomiShops says:

    Why is the reporter not protecting himself? No mask, nothing.

  • SuperGezmo says:

    I have a feeling that
    It’s gonna be one of those moments where month by month that passes, more
    people get infected
    2016 53% population infected
    2018 governments shutdown
    2019 62% population
    2022 the war
    2023 the aftermath
    2024 unknown percentage of infected

    2025… The apocalypse. The final days, weeks, months
    Everything will be destroyed. Homes, our loved ones, all disappeared
    We’re fighting for survival. We are either with our friends, family,
    enemies, a stranger just met, or even a dog, trying to survive. Seeing
    another person and questions will be asked;
    Are you infected?
    Have you killed people?
    If so, how many?
    We fight both dead and living.

    I think I sum up the whole movie script…
    Or maybe the future? Well who knows, if you read all of this, thank you 🙂
    give yourself a like so we can relate <3 god bless you all

  • cSapphire says:

    they are not zombies. ebola is a worm that multiplies rapidly in your body.
    once it is confirmed that they have taken over your body and killed you,
    they take over your nerves. your nerves are the things in your body that
    help send messages, once the nerve has gotten the message, it will do what
    it wants.

  • Nadia Lynch says:

    I’ll drink to that ! Yeah! 

  • itaintmebabe714 says:

    Praise God!

  • wothangclang says:

    The unenlightened half wits of this country like to just watch the news.
    i’m glad to see there are some people below that watch the news to see what
    they want us to believe instead of believing everything they see on the
    Here’s my point. I truly believes that there are more soldier sent to
    Africa to help with EBOLA victim than doctors or personnel. i could be
    wrong, but i’m quite sure i’m right, think about all the oil and the
    diamond issue that is still conveniently happening along with this EBOLA
    cow manure.

  • SneakyBrownBags says:

    Typically less than 100 lives a year. UPDATE: A severe Ebola outbreak was
    detected in West Africa in March 2014. The number of deaths in this latest
    outbreak has outnumbered all other known cases from previous outbreaks
    combined. The World Health Organization is reporting nearly 2,000 deaths in
    this latest outbreak.

    Once a person is infected with the virus, the disease has an incubation
    period of 2-21 days; however, some infected persons are asymptomatic.
    Initial symptoms are sudden malaise, headache, and muscle pain, progressing
    to high fever, vomiting, severe hemorrhaging (internally and out of the
    eyes and mouth) and in 50%-90% of patients, death, usually within days. The
    likelihood of death is governed by the virulence of the particular Ebola
    strain involved. Ebola virus is transmitted in body fluids and secretions;
    there is no evidence of transmission by casual contact.

    There is no vaccine and no cure.

  • Grande Aquiles says:

    Um virus que estava “controlado” comeca de novo a fazer vitimas isso tem
    cheiro de reducao populacional, nova ordem mundial

  • HoT LaVa (One of the Best rappers on YOUTUBE) says:

    Listen 2 My F*cking Music Now!!! And This is not SPAM I don’t even like
    SPAM that shit Nasty!!

  • Thiago Ds says:

    Tira esse cara do brasil meu

  • غابرييل ميديروس says:

    si fudemo já elves eu irei viajar para os lugares que mais gosto e irei
    ficar mais tempo com minha família

  • Grande Aquiles says:

    Isso resume a tres palavras:
    reducao populacional, pesquizem sobre as pedras da georgia

  • Lais Oliveira says:

    Que amor essa merdinha que vem ferra o Brasil todo, uma vez numa cidade,
    uma vez no pais inteiro.
    Eu, se nao soubesse que ele vai morre ou pela doença ou pela fúria dos
    brasileiros, mandava levar pra africa num avião sem piloto pra aprender a
    usar a inteligencia. Foi esperto pra trazer o virus escondido vai ser
    esperto para pilotar o avião.
    Mentira eu não faria isso é muita maldade, mas, que da uma pontinha de odio
    isso da

  • Wesley Dias says:

    o negocio e juntar todos os paises e tacar missel pra quelas banda la mano
    e os outros caso fora que se foda deixa morre num tem a cura ainda vai
    ficar desesperado pra nada os politicos tao nem ai eles tem casa cheio de
    comigo nos lugares secretos e nois vaii correr pra aonde

  • RONNY BIZON says:

    A Redução Populacional no Brasil já começou.

  • lucas andrade says:

    ai man toma no cu, pq essas desgraça vem pro brasil que porra –‘

  • Harelly Pedrosa says:

    O arrebatamento está proximo.. volte pra Jesus Cristo. O fim dos tempos ..

  • Jesus Herrera says:

    Apocalpse zombie the world yeaaaa

  • artur artuty says:

    Tem que atira um monte de misseis nucleares na Africa

  • tarcio popa says:

    e o fim do mundo meu deus imagina se isso espalha no pais todo todo mundo
    pode morrer e milhares de pessoas!!!!!!

  • gabriel carvalho says:

    Tem q expulsar ele do Brasil

  • Lais Oliveira says:

    I have a big problem
    We don’t live at a big contry
    How many people are going to die?

  • Wesley Dias says:

    se eu fosse presidente mano mandava fechar tudo ninguem entra ninguem saii
    .mais a politica ta protegida eles tao nem ligandoo

  • Armando Monteiro says:

    Primeiro Caso De Suspeita Do Vírus Ebola No Brasil – 10/10/2014 – Ebola
    virus in Brazil


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